Friday, October 14, 2011

prESEtaTioN abOut pRegNanT woMen NexT wEek !!

ok.. walopom i xtahu macam mana rasa mengandung.. but i can see the happinest of the parents.. so, in 9 month, they should cares of their baby very well.. right?
oky.. mggu depan i akan posting kat klinik selatan which is salah satu klinik ibu and anak yg ade kat sini..and my group need to presenting about nutrition for pregnant women and how to prevent the complication of pregnancy.. hehe..
i think this is the most interested discussion among us.. hehe.. sedikit sebanyak we all tahu ape yg akan di nasihatkan kat ibu2 mengandung nant.. hehe.. oky.. lets we discuss a little bit about the nutrition and tips for pregnant women.. :D


1. Proper nutrition during pregnancy ensures a healthy mother and baby avoidance of certain foods may lead to nutrition inadequacies and is not recommended. 
   •  Add an extra 300 calories a day to your usual diet before pregnancy. [e.g. peanut butter sandwich (½) + low fat milk (1 c.) = 300 calories]
   •  Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, herbs, and medications (unless prescribed).
   •  Limit caffeine containing beverages such as tea, coffee, and cola drinks.


2. Tips to relief nausea and vomiting:
   •  Small, frequent dry meals of easily digested carbohydrate       foods such as crackers or toast
   •  Drink liquids in between meals
   •  Avoid high fat foods, spicy foods, and strong smelling foods
   •  Keep rooms well ventilated to reduce cooking odors 

3. Tips to relief heartburn:
   •  Small, frequent meals
   •  Chew foods thoroughly and eat slowly
   •  Avoid lying in a reclining position after meals


4. Tips to relief constipation
   •  Increase fluids (prune juice helpful)
   •  Eat more high fiber foods such as whole grain breads, bran cereals, fresh or 
dried fruits, and raw or cooked vegetables.
   •  Regular exercise 

okey.. nie lah yg i and group member akan bentang kan.. haha.. sebenarnya byak lgi.. tapi nie tips yg i perlu cari.. hehehe.. so.. malazz nk buat yg laen.. yg nie sudaa.. kah3.. kenapa? nk ckp pemalass ep? hahha.. i x kisahh.. ! lalalalala.. :D

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

oKeY EsOk OSce Bai !

okey bai. esok gua osce. tahu ape itu osce ? alarh.. u alls semua mmg tahunya kan..? sakit la.. ade lgi bapew jm jew utuk gua practice tp gua mmg xreti2 bhasa nk practice.. maaplah.. post nie just utuk gua buat hilang rasa boring.. hahaha.. memang sempatlah kan utuk rasa boring sdgkan esok penentuan hidup mati sem gua ! hahaha.. 

oky.. gua bajet yg kuar osce esok maybe injection im and sub.. kowang jangan nk heran la sbb dah sah2 osce nie just cucuk patung yg x bernyawa je kat NCSU tuh ! huh ! terkadang ase cam bangang je duk cucuk2 patung.. haha.. tpi at least dh 5 person maybe i dah inject ! yela.. injection baru je blajar sem nih.. dah tua bangka pom baru tahu nk inject.. aduyai.. hahaha

next.. ithink yg kuat is removing the suture.. hah ! yg nie gua pom penah buat.. dua bulan lepas.. hehehe.. gigil ah jugak nk bukak jahitan sbb tkut terkopak kulit patient x ke naye.. haha.. masa tuh patient gua tuh lepas buat operation buang rahim.. huhuhu.. one of the way to prevent from pregnant.. hhehehe..

lagi2.. gua rase pakai glove.. hahaha.. pakai glove pon ade osce der.. hadoi.. dhla tangan bapak besar.. size 6 setengah pom boleh rabak gua pakai.. hihihi.. kesyian cik waniey.. 

lagi lagi.. gua dh xboley pikir.. semua ade 10 station.. yg dh gua mention pom baru je bapew.. kekawan.. tolong.. curikkan paper osce utuk kite share sesama.. haahaha..

chows ! maap, gua malazz nak upload gmbaq ! malaazzzzzz !! zzzzaaaasssssssssssss !!