Friday, August 19, 2011


as a nurse.. what should we do?? and as student nurse.. what we have to do.. based on what i learn.. there is a lot of role and responsibility for nurse either in hospital or in clinic and also for ourself.. during my learning session.. i do lot of thing and i feel it was easy..but.. during the clinical posting.. i feel it was so hard.. bcause we have to facing the risk, patients..
hurmm.. it is not easy to inject patient and it is not easy to give a medication.. bcause all medication came with adverse effect.. if we did fault and it can be clasified as medication error.. and this situation can bring us to the COURT..

it is not easy to cooperate with doctor.. why? why? 
Collaboration between those in doctors' and nurses scrubs is essential in the complex health care environment medical workers face today. But even though cooperation is essential,, it can nonetheless be fought with difficulties and challenges... Doctors have historically been given more credibility and respect, greater economic compensation, and frequently unilateral power and unquestioning support. As a result, the idea of collaboration has been slow to gain traction within the medical community...soo.. If collaboration is going to be successful, then mutual respect, emotional maturity, and effective communication are required of both physicians and nurses... Both disciplines need to emphasize that providing patients with optimal care is the common ground and overriding concern... Each discipline must recognize that the other possesses specialized skills and information which are needed to best serve the interests of the patients...
The key to successful collaboration is patience... Maintaining patience and allowing creative thinking can help to smooth out rough edges,, particularly in the early stages of a collaborative process... It is necessary to develop a formal communication system to structure how communication will occur... When conflicts do arise they should be addressed collaboratively - getting everyone's input and point of view,, and being prepared to find a negotiated solution... Cultivating collaboration between those in a doctor and nursing uniform is not only of primary value in optimizing patient care,, it is also important for the future of the medical team, since collaboration increases everyone's skills and knowledge... When each of the disciplines involved in collaboration feels that it can exchange ideas freely without fear of negative judgments and retaliation,, then the medical workplace can become a place where continuous learning takes place,, as well as produce higher levels of job effectiveness and satisfaction...

lets see the nurse's responsibility..

  • provides direct care and promotes comfort of client
  • activities involves knowledge and sensitivity to what matters and what is important to clients
  • shows concern for client welfare and acceptance of the client as a person
  • encourages compliance with prescribed therapy.
  • promotes healthy lifestyle
  • interprets information to the client
  • provides emotional, intellectual to and psychologic support
  • focuses on helping a client to develop new attitudes, feelings and behaviors rather than promoting intellectual growth.
  • encourages the client to look at alternative behaviors recognize the choices and develop a sense of control.
  • promotes what is best for the client, ensuring that the client’s needs are met and protecting the client’s right.
  • provides explanation in clients language and support clients decisions.
  • participates in scientific investigation and must be a consumer of research findings
  • must be aware of the research process, language of research, a sensitive to issues related to protecting the rights of human subjects.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

TEruNa iDaMaN..

hadoii...ensem yg amat en. adey nie..
first i tgok die mase die blakon lam cite flat 3A..
fuhh..meletop.. muka market la plak kan.. mest lah rmai yg gila2 kan die smpai gilerr..
hehehe..btw.. he was so handsome.. and there is something that i like about him.. tahi lalat die!! hehehe.. muka die bleh buat popuan cair.. aduhhh.. bile nk jumpa nie.. hehehe.. i need to see him depan2.. hehehe.. nk gigit lengan die! hehehe.. 
now.. i tgok die blakom dlm cite kasih alia.. waaaa.. mmg talented ah die nih..
lumrah hidupp.. nk la ade pningkatan.. so, i cari name die kat fb.. haaaaa.. jumpa!!
dap dup dap dup..!! tuh lah byi jntung i mase nk tkan add as friends..< dlm hati mang xpkir pom sape owner fb tuh sbenar > ahahahhahaa.. >___<"
aduiiii... tgok je part die lam kasih alia.. haaaa.. semputtt...=)
mmg cair la dek muka sweet die.. hehehehe..

haaaa.. yg nie sorg lagi.. first minat kat die masa cite cinta bollywood kat ntv7.. haaaa.. mse tuh i mentah ag.. hehehee.. then aser minat tuh tggelam skejap..
but bila die blakon dlm cite nora elenatuh.. Ya Allah..! sweet giler watak die as seth tan.. hehehe..
dgn body yg gagah lgi perkasa... untungla bini engkau en. aaron.. heehehhe..muka ala2 manje gituu.. sume jatuh hati nga lakonan die lam nora elena.. smpai part2 romantik die n elena uh.. kami jerit2! <member satu rumah> hahaah.. pling syok.. siap donlod lagi citer die each episodes.. broadband lembap dh xkisah asal dpt kumpul episod nora elena uh.. hehehe.. very nice story, nora elena!!

hehehehe.. die sorg lagi.. mmg talented giler dlm main bola sepak as a keeper..
mmg tbaik ah.. i lebih suka tgok die beraksi drpd sharbini alawi.. mmg geram siot time mlysia lwn sgapore,, nk je msuk dlm tv.. nk bgtahu rajagopal.. "masukkan kfcm pliss"
heheheheh.. mood mmg hlg bila skong mlysia tnpa aksi kfcm..
hehehe..wlopom die dh mggemparkan hiburan tnah air dgn kes putus tunang uh.. i x kisah..
biaselah..dh mmg jodoh dierang smpai situ.. hehehe..
tpi tu lah.. hehe.. agpom dierang tuh muda lgi.. so.. mgkin ade yg lbih baik utuk dierang.. hehehe..
die ni pom encem!! hehehe.. wlopom jaga gol.. tpi rmbut still terpacak..aduhh!! uwg laki rmbut tpacak mmg ensyem kan? hehehe.. i like! hehehhe..

p/s: so now i xtahu nk plih yg mane.. hahahhaa.. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

eXAm Vs aSSigNMeNt ??

exam?? i pyer exam next week.. u olls??
asigment?? submit asgment after rayer..
hadoii..nie lah msalahnyerr... study for exam.. pd masa sama gak,, prepare bahan utuk asigment.. grr! stresss!
this mid sem.. i kena mgadap 5 paper/subjek dalam 'examination hall' hahaha.. so? for 1 subjek.. take 2 hour.. bayangkanlah.. sempat or x siap sbb semuanye essay.. just pharmaco je yang ABC.. that's mean lau x thu, ade gak hint yang boleh bg choice.. nie..essay la plak.. lau xthu.. jwabnye zero la paper tuh.. 
utuk elak dpt zero.. kena study.. time je nk study.. adelah plak gangguan.. bahan asgment must be submit first.. easy to buat rangka la katanya...
hahahha..yg membuntukan pikiran i skrg,..rgka nya pom kene add something yg 'boom'.. boom cammane la..
letak bom kat asgment tu bleh miss??
ti miss bca kompom2 meletopp.. hahaha..
hadoiii.. sume subjek susah lorh! yela.. uwg kate dlm hidup x de yg senang.. i admit it!! >____<"
tpii.... mmg sshlah! hahaha.. 
tmbah2 pharmaco tuh... uh! ubt utuk phsyco,pain,MI,angina,heart attact n more n more.. hua3..
sikalang plak nk raya.. mood utuk raya mmg xde selagiii exam xlepas.. ase nyawa2 ikan taww.. preparation pom xterase sbb prepare utuk exam.. hurmm.. lumrah khidupan pelajar an? hehehe.. accept jela.. ape pom xbleh! yeah!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

every time i tried to be the best girl who ever you met..
every seconnd i try to be the person who are will be able for you..
every minutes of my life belongs to you...
every day i tried to be perfect in your eyes..
even i can't do..
but i still try..
whenever you ask me to change..
i will change for you..
i tried to make you proud of me..
you know me since my teens..
and now..
i had been in college..
try to try and to try..
build to build and build my future..
and for me..
it's not only for me..
but it's for us..
i don't know how was romantic you are..
i don't what your feeling for me..
i don't know who are the special one for you..
but for me..
all is you..
you don't know..
my feeling for you..
but you know my love for you..
you don't know..
why i'm doing this..
but you know..
how was my love for you..
that how you know me..
n that how i will know you..
trying to be your angles..
not like just a simple word..
but i still try until you say..
waiting for the word..=p

jiWaNg Di AWaN kEMBaLi..

see!! see!! sahabat penting kan??
hehehehe.. dh setahun kami semua duk kat taman connought same2.. hehehe  <kat atas uh gmbr real tau>
pelik kan? hehe.. xleh bayang la kalau benda tuh hidup n merayau2 kat mlaysia nih..
hehehe.. btw, nie blan rmadan.. agak lama tite tggal dunia blogging.. yelaaa.. xlarat nk mgadap lappy.. bz postinglaa..nk exam la.. haaa.. nie exam mggu dpan,, tp hati msih riang gmbira ibarat xde exam lam hidupp..
hurmmm.. sem nia agak ssh la subjek yg titer kene atasii.. hahahaha..
mana xnye.. pharmaco siott!!
eh! eh! mane cite shabat tite td! haha.. balik kat topik shabat.. dh lbih stahun kami tggl sma2.. mcm2 la dugaan yg kami hadapi.. yelaa.. bukan sng tauu nk bina persahabatan.. tpi mudahnye utuk rosakkan pesahabatan smpai pindah2 umah.. yelaa.. everyone have a right to choose.. so.. dah tu die choose.. biaqq pi lah an! hahahaha
so far, kami2 yg msih tggal nie oky lg.. alarh! mslh x pnah hilang dlm hidupp.. sooo.. we have to handle it nicely.. right?
hhehehehe.. semoga Allah pnjangkan jdoh persahabatan kami yg msih tggl kat no4 nie.. hehehehe!!