Friday, August 19, 2011


as a nurse.. what should we do?? and as student nurse.. what we have to do.. based on what i learn.. there is a lot of role and responsibility for nurse either in hospital or in clinic and also for ourself.. during my learning session.. i do lot of thing and i feel it was easy..but.. during the clinical posting.. i feel it was so hard.. bcause we have to facing the risk, patients..
hurmm.. it is not easy to inject patient and it is not easy to give a medication.. bcause all medication came with adverse effect.. if we did fault and it can be clasified as medication error.. and this situation can bring us to the COURT..

it is not easy to cooperate with doctor.. why? why? 
Collaboration between those in doctors' and nurses scrubs is essential in the complex health care environment medical workers face today. But even though cooperation is essential,, it can nonetheless be fought with difficulties and challenges... Doctors have historically been given more credibility and respect, greater economic compensation, and frequently unilateral power and unquestioning support. As a result, the idea of collaboration has been slow to gain traction within the medical community...soo.. If collaboration is going to be successful, then mutual respect, emotional maturity, and effective communication are required of both physicians and nurses... Both disciplines need to emphasize that providing patients with optimal care is the common ground and overriding concern... Each discipline must recognize that the other possesses specialized skills and information which are needed to best serve the interests of the patients...
The key to successful collaboration is patience... Maintaining patience and allowing creative thinking can help to smooth out rough edges,, particularly in the early stages of a collaborative process... It is necessary to develop a formal communication system to structure how communication will occur... When conflicts do arise they should be addressed collaboratively - getting everyone's input and point of view,, and being prepared to find a negotiated solution... Cultivating collaboration between those in a doctor and nursing uniform is not only of primary value in optimizing patient care,, it is also important for the future of the medical team, since collaboration increases everyone's skills and knowledge... When each of the disciplines involved in collaboration feels that it can exchange ideas freely without fear of negative judgments and retaliation,, then the medical workplace can become a place where continuous learning takes place,, as well as produce higher levels of job effectiveness and satisfaction...

lets see the nurse's responsibility..

  • provides direct care and promotes comfort of client
  • activities involves knowledge and sensitivity to what matters and what is important to clients
  • shows concern for client welfare and acceptance of the client as a person
  • encourages compliance with prescribed therapy.
  • promotes healthy lifestyle
  • interprets information to the client
  • provides emotional, intellectual to and psychologic support
  • focuses on helping a client to develop new attitudes, feelings and behaviors rather than promoting intellectual growth.
  • encourages the client to look at alternative behaviors recognize the choices and develop a sense of control.
  • promotes what is best for the client, ensuring that the client’s needs are met and protecting the client’s right.
  • provides explanation in clients language and support clients decisions.
  • participates in scientific investigation and must be a consumer of research findings
  • must be aware of the research process, language of research, a sensitive to issues related to protecting the rights of human subjects.

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