Monday, January 24, 2011

jiWaNg di tANAh...=(

the news that i know strongly make me feel depressed..
hurmm..take a long time to build the sweet relationship...but it only take a few minute to broke it down..
hurmmm..ape2 was not your fault..
if you think it was the right, it will
be a good ways too..and it will be good..
leave without members is something that i hate most in my journey of life..
to all with the members..
if this is what you's okey..
then this is what you want..
i as other, can't disturbing your ways...
even we are still means to be..but it will became worse and will not in the same ways..
try to forget make my breath stucks..
try to ignore make my heart say cannot...
it will became worse if you think it make it worse..
it became fine when you feel it will be fine..
i'm here..means to be here..and will be here..
not for a while..but will be a while..
stand here not for starting destination..but for last destination..
make my heart broke..make my mind stucks..
so then it will be okey..
the feeling will stay in my heart and the thinking are always in my brain..
need somebody to share your sad story, so i will there...
need to tell your happiness, then i will also be there..
because of relationship we make n build together will never ends the love..
we are separated but we are not broken..


  1. ak ker aisyh ?
    if ak , ak nk jauh kn dri dri ko n ptri
    tp bg la ak tke tme .
    ak tatw npe ak msti trse gle ngn bnde smlm .

  2. this is for aisyh..tuh yg die nk..hmmm..
    lari dari aku n putri?
    sorry for the worse thing that happen..
    i dont know why it being like this..
    just want aisyh said by her own bcause she want to tell by herself..


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