Friday, September 9, 2011

HiDUp daH ceLaru ! kOMpOM !

what?? celaru?? it is not only that oky? celaru plus lahabau labucik!
hahaha.. hadoiyaii.. today, i got my midsem exam mark.. hurmm..
it was totally different from the semester before.. why? nak thu ?
sbb bile makin besar, makin kecik plak nombor2 mark dlm paper tuh.. hahah.. my midsem exam carrying about 40%  mark for the semester result.. haha.. haha.. just pass the midsem exam only! but still need to speed up and work hard to make some changes for final result..
oyehh!! how i will going to work hard?? i'm not such that pretty angel that like to study.. OMG!! i need to try !! 

this my result!!

fundamental in nursing : 19/20 percent
community health nursing : 24/40 percent
cardiovascular n respiratory : 24/40 percent
pharmacology for nursing : 26/40 percent
primary health care by grouping : 34/40 percent
haematology : not yet !

arghh!! stress nyer i !! i'm going not to eat.. not to sleep.. haha.. at least i still have to get 26% to passed in, i really2 need to speed.. and study smart even not too smart.. hehe..
 may ALLAH S.W.T help me.. Amin..

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