Wednesday, September 14, 2011

iT haPPeN mORe THaN OnE Year.. !

talking about this title.. i teringat article that i baca last week.. which is about ears and the hearing.. it also exposes me to what happen to my ears.. hurmmm.. it is happen more than one year which telinga i mengeluarkan discharge that make me feel uncomfortable..hurmmm.. by the time, dah banyak hospital and klinik that i referred.. all the doctor said that it is because allergy to what i have eaten or allergy to surrounding.. hurmm.. but 2 3 4 5 hari nie.. i can feel that something different and kadang2 i rasa pening.. i dont know how to said.. hurmm.. and bila i tido, i xkan boleh tidow mengiring so i have to sleep dalam keadaan baring biase,, hurmm.. it make me sakit belakang.. yelarh.. if the discharge come out, i have to let it come.. so i cannnot tido mengirng.. lain la if it affect only one side,.. but now dua2 belah dah berlumba2 nk keluarkan discharge.. humm.. semua jenis ubat i dah makan, cetirizine, amoxicillin, ampicillin.. hurmm..sorilah.. malass nak tulis panjang2 and to include the pic i rase malas nk search and snap.. hehe.. just hope that it will become normal again.. hurmm.. =(

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