Friday, September 9, 2011

wHat is MArriaGe anD wHAT IS iT For ??

Well, what is marriage ?? Marriage is an institution that binds two people together for the rest of their lives. It is an institution where interpersonal relations , both intimate and otherwise , are acknowledged depending on the married couples culture and preferences .. 

Malay wedding is fascinating and steeped in age-old tradition .. A Malay wedding begins with the akad nikah ceremony .. The groom signs the marriage contract and agrees to provide the bride with a mas kahwin .. After that , their hands are dyed with henna during the berinai besar ceremony .. The bride's hair is also trimmed or her eyebrows 'dibentukkan' by a beautician known as the mak andam ..
yeah .. when the wedding being held , sometimes , the bride might be presented with pencak silat and others perfomance .. Malays weeding is nice and might be followed by others race but we have our own style and budget for our own weeding, right ??

okey guys... what do you think about the procedure before weeding can be held ?
it is not a simple like we think .. all the things we have to settle it and do it slowly and complete all the "borang2" .. (sorii, i have to used a broken english)
not my experience but i'm sharing my sister's one .. haha .. 
hehhe .. there is a few activities which is precede the actual weeding ceremony, it is consist of MERISIK , MAJLIS PERTUNANGAN , THE AKAD NIKAH .. 
During the akad nikah akad,  the hantaran or the sending give and part of amount of money for expenses which the boy's family give to the girl's side that will be incurred by the girl's family .. Next, the persandingan and weeding ceremony will be held ..
so, we and our partner have to settle all of this before we can get married .. okey ??
the girl's side also need to prepare a give that will be given to the "tetamu yg datang" .. usually, the giirl's side will be prepare a bunga telur .. it is the traditional Malays give to the guest .. it is a symbol of fertility and it is hope that by giving out the bunga telur , the couple would be blessed and happy together gether by passing their life together .. AND it is also blessed for the couple to get many and many child ! hehehe ! ( what smile smile ?? )
as we know, after the married we will live together with our partner .. 
the example like me .. ( hehehe) 
if i married, i will live with my husband and i want to live in a cool place like cameron highland .. so we will selling the strawberry everyday .. hehe..
the life is like that ok ! 
we have to work to make sure we 'x akan kebuluran' ! so, work harder to make a many baby .. right ?
hahaha.. our responsibility after we get married also important and we have to be more patient in facing our life time as a husband and wife ..

lets see what is husband responsibility :

  • cooperates with his wife by bearing good relations and showing kind manners
  • husband shares in the responsibility of specified matters
  •  should specify a time in which he enjoy the time with wife and child
  • beware of making other relationship although it is just only rakan sekerja.. ok !
  • giving place and food and also clothing to the wife and child as recomended by Islam.
  • give a teaching to the wife to correct their mistake smoothly !
  • beware of scolding and blaming your wife ! prevent from injured your wife !
now, let see wife's responsibilty :
  • listen to what your husband said.
  • use a smooth and slow languange and sound during talking with husband.
  • care about husband clothes and food.
  • keep the marriage's secret 
  • care your child .
  • make a husband comfortable to spend the time at home
there is a lot of responsibility of wife and husband in the marriage .. unluckily , i feel malas to write all of it .. so, think think oky ??

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