Wednesday, March 21, 2012

cOpY paSTE ayAT pALing BesT..

i love you , you love me.. we say to each other everyday
i miss you , you miss me we hear to each other night and day.
9 months ago we were just friends and always talk about anything
9 months later we became lover and talk about everything.
the happiest part of our relationship happened in a blink
the saddest part of it came and made you think
am i still the one who brings smile in your face?
or am i just like the scumbag you know that has lost his race

i know i became stupid and screwed many times for you to think twice,
but you still accepted me and be your boyfriend and still nice
i always gets jealous and get mad about the things that you do,
and not noticing my action and words and pain that i put you through

i am sorry and i apologized for the things that i have done,
i dont want you to go and crying myself for not being the perfect man
how can i make you believe that your the only one,
when sometimes you want to go somewhere and run.

you are Gods gift to me that i want to treasure with my life
i know its too early to say this but i want you to be my wife
through sickness and in health , through hardtimes and goodtimes
iwant to be the guy who holds your hand all the time

i will make it possible i know you wouldnt believe it
but i know i can do it until the time we meet
i maybe sound corny or cheesy where everyone wants to puke
but i really do love you and proud to have you no matter how i look

ilove you so much its not that easy to write this sorry for the grammar and some wrong words^^
i want to be with you and love by you all the time

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